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6 LEDs Jewelry Armoire
  • 6 LEDs Jewelry Armoire
  • 6 LEDs Jewelry Armoire
  • 6 LEDs Jewelry Armoire
  • 6 LEDs Jewelry Armoire
  • 6 LEDs Jewelry Armoire
  • 6 LEDs Jewelry Armoire
  • 6 LEDs Jewelry Armoire

6 LEDs Jewelry Armoire

SONGMICS 6 LEDs Mirror Jewelry Cabinet Armoire, Lockable Wall Door Mounted Jewelry Organizer with Mirror, 2 Drawers, Gray UJJC93GY
SKU: UJJC93GY | ( 3 Reviews ) Free Shipping Estimated Delivery Date: 09/26/2021 - 10/03/2021

Customer & Reviews

5.0 | 3 Reviews
  • Lisa
    Game Changer After a lot of research, I purchased this jewelry case to hang on my closet door. I LOVE it. I was able to consolidate all of my jewelry into one space and organize everything by like kind. I am a neat freak and this case keeps it all out of sight. It also cleared up a ton of space and keeps me from getting jewelry mixed up and misplaced. I always know where everything is now and it's easy to get to. Gotta love the LED lights inside! I love it so much that I recommend it now. My mom just bought the same one because she was so impressed and she loves hers too! Thanks for a great product!...View more
  • Shannon
    Wow!! So I'm organized now! This jewelry storage mirror came fully assembled and with no damage to any of the pieces. I am using mine as an over-the-closet-door mirror so it's out of my way. I love the LED light and the way it makes my jewelry sparkle when I open the door! My ONE complaint is, I was I unable to hang my really bulky beaded & statement necklaces (photo attached)...but the rest hung fine with a little manipulation to shut the door. I also put my stud earrings over where the rings go, since I have way more earrings than rings. The door magnet could be stronger but this is an excellent piece if you're looking to clean out your many little jewelry boxes and consolidate. The duel-purpose of the mirror was a no-brainer in my opinion in making the decision to buy this piece. I recommend!...View more
  • Margo
    A place for everything! Omigosh! I love this cabinet! I bought it to replace my bulky (though beautiful) jewelry armoire and haven’t regretted the decision. It frees up valuable floor space by hanging on my closet door and accommodates all my jewelry storage needs. I was able to arrange all my earrings by color and metal, making it very easy to see exactly what I have to go with what I’m wearing and making it super easy to put my jewelry back away in the right place when I take it off. I love that there is a light that comes on when you open the cabinet door and that it automatically goes off when you close the door- makes finding the right accessories so much easier! My room is gray and white so the white cabinet looks great in my space. If you were hanging it on the wall in a more visible space you might want a more polished cabinet, but this was great for my budget and needs....View more

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