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  • Bamboo Storage Laptop Desk
  • Bamboo Storage Laptop Desk
  • Bamboo Storage Laptop Desk
  • Bamboo Storage Laptop Desk
  • Bamboo Storage Laptop Desk
  • Bamboo Storage Laptop Desk
  • Bamboo Storage Laptop Desk
Bamboo Storage Laptop Desk

Bamboo Storage Laptop Desk

SONGMICS Bamboo Laptop Desk Serving Bed Tray Tilting Top ULLD001
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Customer & Reviews

4.7 | 11 Reviews
  • Sidney
    worth the buy This Laptop Desk is excellent. It is extremely light and folds away, not taking up much space. The air holes keep the computer from heating up, and the legs extend so that it can also be used as a little table for guests to put things on. Very practical, and I use it all the time....View more
  • Emma
    Very practical Love this little piece Def makes working in bed a million times easier!...View more
  • Gerardo
    Great Item! Bought this as a gift for a family member. I got it delivered directly to them, so didn't actually see it until afterward, which made me a bit nervous; however, this is a great table! It is well designed, good quality, and looks nice. Very practical for using your laptop while in bed, on the couch, etc. For the price, it's a super good deal. Absolutely satisfied with this purchase....View more
  • Neil
    Amazing laptop stand Before this stand I had a metal one which it fell apart. But this wood stand is well constructed, very light and the adjustment features are very easy to use. Love the little drawer to keep your laptop accessories near you. You can even use it to eat meals very handy product....View more
  • Yumalaii
    5 stars for the price for the quality So, I really needed this. I spend hours a day studying. My back and my legs were becoming a pain. I was using a lap table but when my legs would get tired I had to place it on the floor in front of me causing me to sit with bad posture leading to back aches. Anyway, I decided I should look into laptop trays so I can use it on the bed and on the floor and due to my budget, this was the cheapest and nicest one I could find. For the price, I didn't expect much so my expectations were low. Quality wise when I recieved it, was perfect. It has 3 levels for the height, 5 levels for the laptop angling (which is great if you want to work while you lay down), it has a little drawer than can hold some note pads, pens, sticky notes, small snacks if you want. Underneath it, there do seem to be some splinter risks, but if you grab some tape and run it over, it'll remove them. Again, my expectations were very low, so the splinters aren't a big deal for me, and they're not that bad, there is just possible risk if you're being careless when handling it. I put up a picture of the bottom next to the drawer so you can see what I mean. They're in places you wouldn't really touch. Over all. It's great. The size was perfect too, it was almost the same size as my lap table (also pictured above). Regarding the warping that everyone else is talking about, we'll have to see in time. Regardless, if you're looking for something budget friendly and nice, I'd recommend this....View more

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