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Basket Lounger Cat Condo
  • Basket Lounger Cat Condo
  • Basket Lounger Cat Condo
  • Basket Lounger Cat Condo
  • Basket Lounger Cat Condo
  • Basket Lounger Cat Condo
  • Basket Lounger Cat Condo
  • Basket Lounger Cat Condo
  • Basket Lounger Cat Condo

Basket Lounger Cat Condo

FEANDREA Cat Tree, Cat Tower with XXL Plush Perch, Basket Lounger Cat Condo with Adjustable Units, Cat Toys, Extra Thick Posts Completely Wrapped in Sisal, Light Gray UPCT01W
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Customer & Reviews

5.0 | 3 Reviews
  • Michelle
    Our 2 Older Cats Love this Tree! We have 2 older cats (age 21 and age 15). They absolutely love this tree! Our oldest cat is still very limber, but the several different level ways to climb up to the top cozy bed make the climb easier for her. The tree is tall without being too tall. The oldest cat also loves, loves, loves the hammock. She spend hours dozing in the hammock. The other cat is a huge fan of the windowed enclosure. Great sized sisal-covered scratching posts & super soft material. I do not notice any excessive "shedding" from the tree itself. You get a lot of bang for your buck with this tree. I would purchase it again....View more
  • Julie
    Fantastic Cat Tree This was the perfect cat tree for my large 23 pound cat, he is part Maine coon. I was skeptical when the box arrived it did not look like it was going to big enough. It was packed perfectly very easy to remove all items from the box. The instructions were very clear and did not take very long to put together. The top perch had plenty of room for him and he loves it. The other cat likes the hammock and she is 9 pounds. Arrived on time and I would definitely buy from this company again....View more
  • Teddy
    Good for elderly I thought I wrote before! I have a large heavy and elderly Bengal cat. This is designed so he can manage to climb it securely. Platforms allow him to step up versus ? leaps. Two pieces versatile and stable. Price now is 20$ off! I strongly recommend this product. ( I had previously purchased a different more expensive product for 150$ and had to give it away) Old or Young can be accommodated due to versatility for arranging this 2 piece product design. Q&A’s helped allot too, because I did not use the hanging basket for the old boy and it worked out just fine....View more

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