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Bike Cargo Rack
  • Bike Cargo Rack
  • Bike Cargo Rack
  • Bike Cargo Rack
  • Bike Cargo Rack
  • Bike Cargo Rack
  • Bike Cargo Rack
  • Bike Cargo Rack

Bike Cargo Rack

SONGMICS Bike Cargo Rack Bicycle Touring Carrier Luggage Rear USBC01B
$19.99 $22.99 -14%
SKU: USBC01B | ( 3 Reviews ) Free Shipping

Customer & Reviews

5.0 | 3 Reviews
  • D. Blais
    Very solid It arrived very quickly. My life-partner put it on my bike. Said she had to tweak/force it on a bit. Couldn't fit one screw but it's still very solid & sturdy. Merci ?...View more
  • Sheriane
    5.0 out of 5 stars My set up is so much nicer now I appreciate how adjustable this rack is. you can adjust the height by the tire hub and you can adjust the angle of where to attach either under your seat or on the frame below your seat. In order for me to make that much space between the rack and my tire, I did have to go out and get an extender. It took a lot of redoing but it was very easy to assemble and figure out how to make it work for my preference. This rear rack is Waaay better than my old one. My old rack didn't even give me an inch of space from my tire which was annoying when I would strap my bag down with bungee cords. the cords would rub against the tire while I was biking. There’s even the right amount of space for my seat pack??...View more
  • Bateman
    Highly recommend! Awesome bike rack, super easy to assemble, and great price. Very excited to now have somewhere to secure my bag on my route to work and the gym. As per the picture, I did have to flip around the one mounting bracket due to where my back break is positioned, but even flipped around it secured fine, almost as if it is meant to go either way. Highly recommend this product!...View more

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