Cat Tree Smoky Gray
  • Cat Tree Smoky Gray
  • Cat Tree Smoky Gray
  • Cat Tree Smoky Gray
  • Cat Tree Smoky Gray
  • Cat Tree Smoky Gray
  • Cat Tree Smoky Gray

Cat Tree Smoky Gray

FEANDREA Cat Tree, Large Cat Tower, 64.6 Inches, Cat Activity Center with Hammock, Basket, Removable Fur Ball Sticks, Cat Condo, Smoky Gray UPCT087G01
SKU: UPCT087G01 | ( 3 Reviews ) Free Shipping Estimated Delivery Date: 10/25/2021 - 11/01/2021

Customer & Reviews

5.0 | 3 Reviews
  • Monika
    Worth every penny Wow! Rarely do I leave reviews but I’m thrilled. This is an excellent quality cat tree and was so easy to put together. Not wobbly at all and aesthetically pleasing. I bought this because I had a small cat tree for one cat, but knowing I was adopting another kitten soon I wanted to upgrade to something bigger. I looked at a lot of different ones before deciding on this because of all the features it has. My cat rarely used the small cat tree I had but ever since I got this she has used it every single day! Since adopting my kitten, they both love it and have used all of the areas, and my new kitten especially loves the play area up top. Update: I’ve had this for 4 months now and it’s being used every single day and still looks brand new!...View more
  • Justin Miller
    Kitten approved. I put this together with an electric driver in less than 30 minutes. Made sure everything was tight. These kittens don’t weigh much so I’ve yet to see it wobble and I have not attached it to the wall. In the 10 hours I’ve had it up my kittens have slept on every section, played like crazy with the balls, managed to crawl through the tiny window, and have ensured their claws are well sharpened. This is great for a group of cats and not so tall you can’t get them off the top level. Highly recommended....View more
  • Jodi M
    BOTH my cats immediately LOVED it ! This condo is very well made and my 11 year old son and husband easily put it together. We used the instructions and the product picture on Amazon for reference. The condo has enough spots were the cats can be separate and not fight for dominance. It’s high enough we’re they can look over my patio fence safely from the window and they love that. It’s easy for them to step down because of how the different levels are positioned. They even love trying to get the toys out as a game since they are removable. I took one of them out to make it easier for them to climb to the top. The top two beds have extra padding so they are very cozy. There are lots is sisal sections for them to claw scratch on. They spend every day on it since we have set it up. It is perfect !...View more

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