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5711 Reviews
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  • VICKIE FIELDS Verified Buyer
    beautiful vanity the lighting is poor , would like the blubs to be brighter...View More
  • Linda Verified Buyer
    perfect amount of drain holes and has tray This brand is perfect. Enough drain holes and they are sturdy and also have over flow trays. They are beautiful and well made....View More
  • Katie Wiseman Verified Buyer
    Looks gorgeous Beautiful table !...View More
  • S. Ling Verified Buyer
    Perfect for light duty organization I bought this for my wife so she could store her yarn hoard. It did the job so well I ended up buying two (one for my wife's aforementioned yarn hoard and one for my plethora of video game console controllers)....View More
  • Apsara K. Desai Verified Buyer
    What I expected, which is helpful We needed shelves that could fit in both the fridge and some cabinets, and they're helpful, tho I'm realizing I need longer ones - but not the fault of these shelves. And thanks for keeping packaging to a minimum!...View More
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