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438 Reviews
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  • David Verified Buyer
    Easy to Hang My Wife Loves It! I put the door hangers on the back and hung it over the door in a matter of minutes. Anyone can do this!...View More
  • Ashly Verified Buyer
    My three cats love it 4 days up, so far so good. LOVE it and my three cats love it even more, they each have a their own special spot that they normally lounge my striped cat is 12 and set in his ways but took right to it! Very sturdy so far considering that these cat trees are never solid wood....View More
  • Tyler Aftab Verified Buyer
    Strong enough to hold many more shoes This took 10 minutes to put together and has made our first closet so manageable! It's nice enough to have in the hall, strong enough to hold many more shoes than it fits linearly... 100% recommendable...View More
  • Rachel Z Verified Buyer
    Great looking & very firm Very nice product. Good looking and very firm....View More
  • Sterling Adam Mancuso Verified Buyer
    The wood is thick & sturdy Just received the stand today. This thing was MUCH larger than I was expecting it to be, more than 4 times larger than my aluminum Satetchi monitor stand. Which is fine by me. I have a mechanical keyboard that's quite beefy and it fits completely in the space down below. The stand came with a special screwdriver and and extra screw so the setup was quite fast (only six screws). The wood is good quality and is very thick and sturdy. I would defiantly recommend this monitor stand IF you have enough room on your desk. If you're like me and you have more than one monitor and multiple monitor stands you run out of room fast....View More
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