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  • Gal Verified Buyer
    Stores much and looks nice The bottom shelf with doors holds standard-sized bottles of cleaning products; the top shelves hold big bath towels (I think these are called bath sheets). The baskets I bought separately are 10" deep, 11" wide, and 9" high, and they fit perfectly. This took about 45 minutes to assemble by myself, taking time to think/read carefully; it probably would have been a bit easier and faster with an assistant. The one part that tripped me up and took me a bit to think through was the bar on the right--the screws point inward, so in the pics you can see the screws on the left bar on the outside and the screws on the right bar on the inside (and my brain kept wanting the screws to be outward on both of the bars). Before I got the baskets, I tried photo boxes for storage (since I had them laying around), which would work as the pics show. I have had the shelf in the bathroom for 1.5 months and I love it. It comes with hardware to secure it to the wall....View More
  • Sarah Carrillo Verified Buyer
    Perfect small dresser We need a small dresser for my sons room which is small. This dresser was a perfect fit for what we needed. It was easy to assemble and only took 1 hour due to our kids wanting to help. Definitely will buy again for anything small....View More
  • Jennifer Verified Buyer
    I love this ... Recommend it. I love this! Pretty tall and hold allll of my sneakers... very very easy to put together....View More
  • Erice Bradley Verified Buyer
    must have for fosters I foster kittens and these barriers are fantastic! I create a spot for the litter box and use the rest to either make a containment if the kittens are very young or a door barrier that I can step over but keeps them inside which still able to look out the door. We all love these! After the litter is adopted out, I throw the panels in the bathtub and scrub them easily to be ready for the next batch...View More
  • Anthony Woodruff Verified Buyer
    Worked Better Than Expected I tried another free standing closet with a very similar 'shoe rack' on the bottom with what appeared to be the exact same parts but was a total pain to put together. The enitire thing was a pain and broken and crooked and stuff so sent that one back. Decided to build my own closet with industrial pipe and bought this for shoes under it. It was a DREAM! to put together. I will say that I had to move it for a minute after I put it in place and loaded it and one of the poles popped out but that doesn't bother me. It's not meant to move around after it's full. It's also very customizeable. I built it making alternating racks for tall shoes/boots and it's working out great. Very pleased with my purchase. $17 seems a little high but would buy it again knowing now how great it is....View More
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