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5711 Reviews
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  • Coliapy Jade Verified Buyer
    So Pretty This was exactly what I wanted and what I was expecting from the picture and description! There is SO much room for everything my partner and I have. It closes gently and nothing falls around inside. It looks great in my hall by the closet and adds the feature of a fantastic mirror!...View More
  • ginamasfina Verified Buyer
    It’s Perfect!!!! What’s not to like? This thing is phenomenal! I put it together in about an hour.. easy to assemble.. small but not tooo small, lighting is perfect, chair works just fine, and it holds all of my makeup. Highly recommend.. it’s perfect for any age!...View More
  • Carla T, Verified Buyer
    Nice vanity Bought this for my 22 year old daughter who asked for a make-up vanity for Christmas. She loves it. Nicely packaged. No damage. Easy to assemble. Light bulbs were super bright, and even came with an extra bulb. Pay attention to the measurements, as this is fairly small, which is what I wanted because my daughter has limited space in her room. Overall, I was very happy with this purchase....View More
  • Sandy Cruz Regalado Verified Buyer
    The lighting of the light bulbs is perfect! I love the color of it and how perfect the lighting of the bulbs are! It was super easy to assemble and the sturdiness of it is actually really good. I was pretty surprised! I love the clear top of the desk which lets me see my makeup and don’t have to go searching for a certain item. Perfect for a small room or if you’re looking for a small vanity but super cute! I love it!!...View More
  • Katie A. Verified Buyer
    Wonderful and high quality!! This was the EASIEST thing I’ve ever put together!!!! It came in a giant box and usually that means SOME sort of assembly - but this thing literally slides out of the box and you just open it up and put an insert into the ottoman to keep it standing!! The top piece is already assembled and feels really high quality. The extra storage space is great for anywhere you can think to put this this, mine is at the end of my bed and I can’t see how I lived without it now. I highly recommend!...View More
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