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  • Alicia Verified Buyer
    Stunning, everything an 8 year old girl could want in Stunning jewelry box, perfect for my 8 year old. Has large crystal gem on the knob, large mirror, music and ballet dancer and tons of space. It’s everyhing you could ever want in a jewelry box....View More
  • David Verified Buyer
    Decent Piece Quality was a lot better than I thought for $50. It’s small which is what I wanted and it matched a liquor cabinet I bought on amazon a year ago. Serves its purpose decently too. The only side effect is that I wish the shelves had more space height wise so my work boots wood stand up but no biggie I just put them on their side. Like it a lot in my place...View More
  • Bernie Verified Buyer
    Great Find !!!! Just what I wanted ...had recently purchased plastic clothes holder from the big home shopping company , and of course with the weight of the clothes top rack just broke....this was easy to put together… Takes up a small presence in the bedroom is less than 19 inches in depth … And holds a lot of clothing...View More
  • Alan Verified Buyer
    Beautiful product and looks like it will meet all expectations Beautiful product and looks like it will meet all expectations. One note, mine only came with one small umbrella hook, although the information said hooks. I sent an email to the seller and they responded immediately and are sending additional hooks. I believe the stand should come with 2 hooks. VERY satisfied with the product and customer service....View More
  • Jess Verified Buyer
    Just What We Needed One of the best gifts I gave my eldest was a beautiful ballerina jewelry box that she can use into adulthood. A lot of these are cheap or just for little girls, so when my youngest wanted one but in blue I was disappointed by how few options there are on the market. Not only is this a beautiful jewelry box, it's well crafted and large enough that she will be using it for many years to come....View More
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