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  • Lanae Verified Buyer
    love this cat tree! I have two cats - 2.5 year old brothers - they love this cat tree! I can find them lounging, playing and sleeping on this about 90% of the day. It's built pretty sturdy too. Very soft and plush. It keeps them entertained and looks nice in the family room as well....View More
  • JE Verified Buyer
    Solid trampoline. Easy setup Arrived sooner than promised My kids, 12 and 14 set up the trampoline with minimal supervision. The only real challenge was sewing in the net. The instructions were for the trampoline model with the net external to the springs. It took the kids a couple of tries to get the net evenly spread around the full circle. We've tested the weight limit with four good sized kids. No problems. We've had it for a few weeks now. This is our first trampoline so I don't have much to compare it against. The kids love it. The very center has slightly less bounce when compared against the sides. I don't know if that will fix itself as the mat stretches out. We purchased the 15' model. I would caution against going smaller. unless you have space constraints. Kids grow. My 5' 6" daughter can comfortably perform her flips and other routines within the 15'. Anything smaller would be a challenge....View More
  • Michelle Verified Buyer
    Great quality, cute print This is a must for us whenever we go to softball games. Keeps clothes dry and grass from being itchy on legs. Great quality, cute print. Easy to fold and store. Love the built in strap for easy carrying. Great purchase....View More
  • Janet L Tillman Verified Buyer
    title This is almost exactly what I've been trying to find for using my computer when I'm in my recliner or in bed. It's very pretty; I like the little drawer on the side. I love that it is adjustable AND that is has a little lip to hold the items on the surface. The only problem I have with it is that the surface is off center. This make using the keyboard awkward - I can't shift the thing over because the legs are in the way. Collapsing the legs just makes the whole thing shift in my lap. I think perhaps if it were a little wider so the adjustable surface could be centered between the legs of the table yet keep the little work surface and drawer. This would allow for another work surface on the left, for those who are left handed, and give room for another little drawer....View More
  • Rich Verified Buyer
    Great for camping picnics but have used this several times ... A friend of mine had this and I had to buy one. Great for camping picnics but have used this several times for outdoor festivals. The blanket is high quality, washes well. I line dry mine. The bottom is waterproof so it is perfect for the beach to lay out on. The best part is the pocket which zippers, great for keys and my phone! Folds up and carries great....View More
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