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438 Reviews
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  • Linda Carter Verified Buyer
    Perfect for our two kittens Perfect for our two kittens...View More
  • Madison Verified Buyer
    My cat is always sleeping on it A really easy product to put together, you don’t even need any tools for it. I was scared about my cats not wanting to use it but they took to it right away and now the one cat is always sleeping on the top. The beds are also really soft, and the grey color goes perfectly with all the furniture....View More
  • Daniel Clifford Verified Buyer
    title Good for a small space such as a split level entry way....View More
  • Bari Engel Verified Buyer
    Attractive & functional Attractive and completely functional. Highly recommend....View More
  • P. Andersen Verified Buyer
    Space Saving for Storage This is a big piece, but my solid closet door seems to support it. It holds a lot of jewelry, and cleared some space in our room. It would be ideal hanging on a wall, but we don't have the space for it....View More
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