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5711 Reviews
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  • Tenisha J. Verified Buyer
    Nice Smaller than expected yet nice and sturdy....View More
  • Christina M. Verified Buyer
    Nice for kittens but not ideal for larger cats. This was super easy to assemble. Took less than 10 min. Its a lot smaller than I thought it would be. The description says 15 inches for the top perch, its a lot smaller. My cat who's almost 12 lbs just about fits on the top bit he still likes to relax there. He fits in the cave but barely, he has to really work at turning himself around in there lol!...View More
  • Rajesh Kannan Verified Buyer
    Great little desk Great little desk - using it for home school - lots of room - very sturdy....View More
  • Rachel Pitts Verified Buyer
    Very nice functional accent piece I love this piece. I wanted it for my home office but it didn't make it out of the hallway as it fit at the end wall perfectly and looked so good. I took off a star for the difficulty in assembly. I couldn't attempt assembly myself but my very experienced friend commented on how challenging it was. Ultimately, I love the piece and it's useful, too....View More
  • rachel slaton Verified Buyer
    Awesome! The vasagle furniture brand is awesome! I have been purchasing their furniture for my home office and work office and now just because I really like the quality and look of the furniture. It’s pretty decent material, elegant and heavy duty design all in one. The prices are unmatchable too! I am happy to continue purchasing their furniture....View More
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