FEANDREA dog bed


Fe and Rea, brother and sister kittens only a few days old, were found weak, hungry and cold by an employee of Songmcis.

As a new mother herself, she was genuinely concerned for the well-being of these kittens. The veterinarian said they only had a 10% survival rate, however, she and another colleague decided to adopt these kittens. They needed to learn how to care for, protect, nurture, and accommodate them into their schedule. The idea for starting SONGMICS Inc.'s first pet lovers’ club named FEANDREA materialized, giving coworkers the opportunity to share their experience and knowledge about raising a pet.

FEANDREA’s fans have become one of our greatest sources for feedback about pet products. Fe and Re are now healthy, happy and fluffy. They enjoy their new home and their unlimited supply of pet toys and products through the FEANDREA club and the new FEANDREA brand.

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