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  • Side Perch Cat Tree
  • Side Perch Cat Tree
  • Side Perch Cat Tree
  • Side Perch Cat Tree
  • Side Perch Cat Tree
  • Side Perch Cat Tree
  • Side Perch Cat Tree
  • Side Perch Cat Tree
Side Perch Cat Tree

Side Perch Cat Tree

FEANDREA Cat Tree with Sisal-Covered Scratching Posts UPCT50W
SKU: UPCT50W | ( 5 Reviews ) Free Shipping Estimated Delivery Date: 08/17/2022 - 08/27/2022

Customer & Reviews

4.8 | 5 Reviews
  • Christina M.
    Nice for kittens but not ideal for larger cats. This was super easy to assemble. Took less than 10 min. Its a lot smaller than I thought it would be. The description says 15 inches for the top perch, its a lot smaller. My cat who's almost 12 lbs just about fits on the top bit he still likes to relax there. He fits in the cave but barely, he has to really work at turning himself around in there lol!...View more
  • Zule Soria
    Good little cat tree. Full disclosure: my cat doesn't care about this feline furniture. She's a bit of a butt, though I love her. Now that we got that out of the way, this is a really cool little cat tree. I was a little nervous, since you usually get what you pay for and this thing is not expensive like most. However, it's a pleasant surprise how nice it turns out. It's super easy to put together, unless you have a furry friend with no thumbs helping you EVERY step of the way and then ignoring it as soon as it's assembled. It looks very nice and is pretty sturdy. By no means is it super fancy, but it's a good little plant stand...I mean cat tree....View more
  • Lady Law
    My kitten loves this. Sturdy and soft. This is sturdy. She bounces off it all the time. I put this in her cage, and she lays in it non stop. When she soiled it, I took it out to clean it. She went in and looked lost without it. Its soft, quite sturdy, and easy to fluff up after cleaning. She was 3 weeks old, now she is going on 10 weeks. She is long, and probably will outgrow it. Until then she curls up into a cozy fur ball in it daily. The height is good, and fits perfectly in her cage. She runs all over the place, and squeezes into dangerous spots. ... hence the periodic caging. Later she can run free 24 hrs, till then I gotta watch her bask in the sun on her nice cat tree house....View more
  • S. Brown
    Soft and comfy Our kitten loves it...almost as much as our dog. LOL...View more
  • Joe Graves
    My Kittens Absolutely LOVE This Cat Tree! We are very happy with your Quality Product, very easy to put together, my 10 year old Grandson was able to do it just fine! Great quality and best of all our Kittens just LOVE It!!! They love all the levels, the little hut and the scratching post and dangling ball and the cushy padded top perch...I can tell they will be having so much fun on this Cat Tree even into adulthood. I would recommend it highly! Thank You for making a quality product!...View more

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